Up till this moment we have ordered and installed 7 machines in Holland. (These machines perform very well and are in no way inferior to european made stone working machines. total value US$ 325,000)

I can say from 35 years of experience in granite processing that we have the best edge polishing system available.

G. J. Reek / Jan Reek Trading B.V.

...your design expertise allowed us to purchase equipment tailored to our exact requirements at a very affordable price. The machinery is exceeding our design production requirements and has provided us with an excellent advantage in the UK commercial market. This has confirmed our confidence in your design, manufacturing and commissioning capabilities.

I am a very proud owner of one of the better built single head polishers in the World market. I want to congratulate Mr. Shah and his team in India for a well-made world class product.

Our customer bought an ECM IV/900 bridge cutter in 2008. The machine has since the installation and run-in time had very few problems and is Working to the customers satisfaction. We perceive Shah Stone Machines to be honest, dutiful and supportive.

Shah Stone Machines have introduced the use of our STORM 5 and STORM 3 Tangential Heads in their Automatic Polishing lines, thus offering a very economical and innovative solution... Their pioneering efforts... ...and their technical feedback has helped us to further improve the quality of polishing heads.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Shah Machines as a preferred manufacturer for anyone wishing to enter the world of Sandstone Processing.

We are extremely happy with the quality of the machines and after sales support and would not hesitate to recommend Shah Stone Machines Pvt. Ltd...

...I am very pleased with my choice. The machine is simple to understand, easy to operate and... ...extremely robust.

...Our Contour Grinding Machine... ...has been working very well.